Oncology 5th Anniversary Celebration


Last Friday we enjoyed another anniversary celebration of the Oncology Area at Biodonostia. Prof. Lawrie addressed the attendees in an emotional speech, thanking everyone for their hard work during these years, which has made possible the fantastic growth of the Area, in terms of both staff members and funding. We have indeed many reasons to have a massive celebration this year: ten CarlosIII-funded Projects led by six different PIs, besides the funding granted from local and regional public institutions, as well as from pharma companies. In addition, the Area has also been granted with ten pre-doctoral fellowships funded from MINECO, UPV/EHU, SuperH, Basque Government and AECC, as well as five more senior positions funded by Ikerbasque and AECC. If five years ago we enthusiastically thought that the starting point of all achievement is desire (re. Napoleon Hill), now we are proud to realise that working together is success.


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We were in such high spirits for this celebration, that we decided to swap the more than discrete present we prepared last year for the Heads of Oncology Groups (a pretty calendar), for a more cheerful item. Not sure which one is of more practical use :-D.

MMM 4 Anniversarybottles-cropped


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