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Our group (Molecular Oncology) is part of the Oncology Department of the Biodonostia Biomedical Research Institute situated in San Sebastián (Donostia) in the Basque (Pais Vasco) region of Northern Spain. Our main line of research concerns the use of high throughput technology (e.g microarray, lentiviral functional screen technology and next generation sequencing) to identify novel biomarkers and theraputic targets in cancer. We work with many types of cancer both solid (e.g. breast, laringeal, renal, melanoma and prostate) and haematological malignacies (i.e. lymphomas). We are particularly interested in ncRNA, the ´dark matter´of the genome and have worked in the microRNA (miRNA) field for many years (see publications).

Current lab members


Lorea Manterola  (Senior Post-doctoral researcher)

Marta Fernández Mercado (AECC Post-Doctoral Fellow)


María Caffarel (Ikerbasque Research Fellow)

Maria Armesto

María Armesto (Post-Doctoral researcher)


Susana Carregal-Romero (Post-Doctoral researcher)

mohammad ali

Mohammad Ali Aboudzadeh (Post-Doctoral researcher)

Maria Arestin chosen pict

Maria Arestín Muruzabal (Technician)

Ibai Goicoechea Oroz (PhD Student, AECC Fellow)

Erika chosen one

Erika Larrea de Orte (PhD Student, PFIS Fellow)

Angela chosen one

Angela Araujo (PhD Student, GV Fellow)


María Sanromán Iglesias (PhD Student)

Carla Solé BLOGCarla Sole (Pre-Doctoral researcher)


Giovanni di Pinto (PhD Student, PFIS Fellow)


Esther Arnaiz (PhD Student, GV Fellow)

Maitena Tellaeche (PhD Student)


Clinical lab members

María Araiz Ramírez

Laura Basterretxea Badiola

Enrique Bengoechea Nerecan

Izaskun Ceberio Echechipia

Mª Asunción Echeveste Gutiérrez

Carmen Lobo Morán

Past lab members

Luisa I. Hernandez (Post-Doctoral researcher)

Frank J. Hernandez Hincapie (Post-Doctoral researcher)

Maike Schramm (visiting Master Student)

Peio Errarte (visiting PhD Student)

Miren Iraeta (Undergrad Student)

Ana Esnal Yeregi (Undergrad Student)

Ignacio Reina Uribe (Undergrad Student)

Amaia Elizegi (Undergrad Student)

(Lymphoid Malignancy Research Group (LMRG), Nuffied Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences, University of Oxford).

Erica Ballabio

Daniela Tramonti

Jason (Jianxiang) Chi

Xiao He-Chen

Heather Dunlop

Charles Breeze

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We recognise that modern science more often than not requires collaboration and a multi-disiplinary approach if we are to compete on a global stage. This particularly true in the cancer arena and with the arrival of ´big data´ techniques. Consequently we have many active collaborations regionally (CIC bioGUNE, UPV, CIC biomaGUNE, Onkologikoa etc.), nationally (CIMA,CRG, 12 de Octubre Hospital (Madrid), University of Oviedo etc.) and internationally (University of Oxford, Barts Cancer Institute, Sanger Institute (Cambridge), ISERM (France), University of Leiden (Netherlands), USM (Malaysia), University of Cincinnati etc.). We are always interested in collaborating with others forideas, materials and/or funding opportunities.